Born in Northbrook, Illinois, Kimberly Peterson
(Kimba) was encouraged by an artistic-leaning family.
A first-generation American, Kimberly fostered her
natural talents with academic training and her personal

Kimberly studied at the Corcoran School of Art
in Washington DC, under the tutelage of the
artist and author Eric Rudd. His guidance inspired
her to create her trademarked and award-winning
Argent Art .

Kimberly's most recent incarnation has been strongly
influenced, both literally and figuratively, by Haitian
artists. The daunting story of Haiti continues to
influence much of her life and she owes the Haitian people,
especially the artists, for affecting her work.

She now lives in South Florida with her genius cat
Painter Peterson and his brother Sketch Peterson.
Kimberly's interests include environmental issues, animal
rights, and the plight of Haiti.

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